Nowadays the nights here are full of such marvellous moonlight, what can I say!

Of course, I don’t mean to say that you too don’t have moonlit nights at your place—it has to be admitted that at your place the moonlight slowly spreads its silent authority over the meadow you have, that church spire, the silent trees and bushes.

But you have many other things besides the moonlight—you have your harmony and discord, your tennis, your marble tables, the song and music sessions in the drawing room.  Happy  Smiling family.

  But I have nothing except this silent night (kids around the world)


This enormous world that is lying quietly over there—I love it so much—I feel like clutching its trees, rivers, meadows, noise, silence, dawn, dusk, all of it to me with both hands.

I think:

the treasures of this world that the world has given us—could any heaven have given us this?