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Why am I here and what have I done today?. I trade currency markets and making just enough money to enjoy. Please Do your own research before trading.

10 Important commandments for trading discipline

You may have a best trading system, but without chastisement, you will not succeed in trading, so 10 important Commandments for the discipline in trading that has developed from years of experience.

When I Recall why you wanted to be a trader. I figured, the easiest way to earn money was to be near the cash register.

You want to be successful, want to be happy and enough wealth to fulfill your dreams. Well the answer is “Yes, You can do it”.

Of course, as I have discovered throughout my career, there a reason why consistent producers are paid a lot of money. Striking gambling and large fluctuations sometimes connect, but ultimately, a disciplined and consistent approach pays the bills. See related link.

What do active investors do?

I've encountered many over the years, false steps that almost cost me my livelihood. But Enduring, went up the stairs and turned these mistakes into valuable lessons.

Discipline in trade (commodity or stock trader) must improve their trading success when adopted and continued. These were developed after years of experience of trading in the stocks, futures commodities and the options market and reading with hundreds of books and filter out the essence of knowledge of each, and the research and studies of global markets continues.

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Trade free from fundamental problems: Keep any judgment over an action. Do not try to streamline a losing trade, or love a winner. An stock can have its "fundamental verities", but the "Ultimate Truth" is its price. Means respect the price action, but never give in to it.

Focus on proper trading strategies and not on making money: Money is simply a result of skill level, or lack of it. While continuing trade with discipline, not review past transactions with a mindset "must have". Both winning and losing trades must be checked during your trip toward mastery of negotiation.

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Discipline wins conviction: Do not matter how strong you feel in a particular position, should be forwarded to the principles of discipline in trading. Always attempts define your risk and never think you're smarter than the market.

Adapt your trading style to the market: Developing a trading way of consistent to your personality and philosophy. Trade in nature!

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Opportunities consist easier than losses: You do not need to play daily; it is only required to have a high winning percentage on trade-skills you choose to do. Sometimes, the best action is no action. Do not looking for stock and believe you should trading every day.
Trade with the trend: Trading throughout the market trend from stock prices flowing in the direction of least resistance. Whether an action is contrary to the trend then leave. In case of doubt, stay out.

No emotional trading: Emotion is the enemy when trading. Emotional decisions as have a way to turn against you. Whether you are personally cling to a position, the process of decision making will be flawed. Take a deep breath rather than risk your successful earn money.

Get the market come to you: If you do not play "the hand in the world," a step back. Being strict, being disciplined, and be patient, and never operate when physically or mentally incapacitated.

Maximize reward in relation to risk: Whether you are patient and picking your spots, borders will surface that provide an beneficial reward / risk. Normally there is an easy trade in if you allow it show.

Do not let your bad trades turn into investments: Streamlining does not belong in trading. If it gets in a position for a catalyst and step risk - win, lose or draw. Good traders know how to earn money but great traders know how to take a loss.

No holy grails trading system: There is no "holy grails" magic software for success. Professional traders never stop being students of the markets. Take time every day developing your skills to being a better person and marketer, and assume the responsibility of their own trade operations and actions.

And remember - any trader worth his salt would has suffered times of grief, but if we learn from these mistakes, lessons will become. As if there was no risk in this trading profession, to be called "winning" and not "trading."

Hope that these commandments which myself and many traders follow "religiously", will help you on their journey to become a leading investor and trade operator.

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"Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose."
Creating Harmonious Advantageous Noticeable Geunuine Environment".


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Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before parting with your hard earned monies. You are responsible for your own ACT.


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