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"Tomorrow is challenging than yesterday. Our success of tomorrow is determine by what we do today." "The moment you stop believing is the moment you lose ground."


Seeing is believing

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"When you confuse - you lose!" Experience peace, happiness, prosperity, and wealth every day and in every way. Powerful Mantra Three words

All down to your thinking the way, you see your world. It applies to every one of us no matter how rich or poor we may be. You guessed it right, the income and outgoing.

You cannot spend what you do not have but how comes some have more than others do. How did they do it? What is the difference between them and me? Nothing really. Why?

They have used the opportunities to build themselves where we did not make the best out of the opportunities we came across.

It does not need any introduction as such other than the reality.

I am neither a writer nor a rich person. I am just an ordinary person and happy to live with what I have.

There are many worse off than me and unfortunate ones in this world who do not have what we love neither have the ability to move forward for progress in theirs life.

There are many questions in my mind, which bother me to search for the answer. The only answer I come across is “Change”.

The world runs on money, and it is all about money. There is no value, just money!
For every one of us “Tomorrow is challenging than yesterday”, we are engaged today for better tomorrow.

Are we really? I ask!

The characters are fellow humans who also have the dreams as if we do but cannot achieve due to many worldly obstacles in theirs path.

It is a true experience, which opened my eyes and made me think deeper to realize the human’s existence.

If I am able to make only one person to “Change” theirs views will be greatest satisfaction and peace of mind from my experience.

It is cold and freezing morning, I opened the door to mail carrier. I have only one mail and bunch of leaflets among them was a leaflet saying, “Imagine those who do not have proper clothing, food and shelter for to survive.”

I stood on the doorstep to reflect those words and began to think about it. Suddenly my wife shouted to close the door as the cold air entering the room and getting cold.

I closed the door and stood outside to feel the cold snap and it began to snow. I see a woman running with a little child to avoid the snow. It made me to think deeper as she was running to get home but what about those who do not have a home.

I stood inside the porch and thinking about it suddenly my wife called me to get indoor. I come inside and turn on my Personal Computer.

I said to my wife about that woman who was running with a child, her response was typically, what we all say.

However, why couldn’t we look at in a different angle?

I started reading all the other information on that leaflet, there was few short snippets of children malnutrition’s and other health issues. Some of the facts brought tears saddened me in my eyes.

Switch off the computer, which I was not using to save some money on electricity bill. I turned on the news channel on television. The headline of the news was that a major percentage of the world wealth held by only tiny fractions of world populations. They are the mega rich citizen of the world.

I started to explore more in my mind, how did they manage to acquire so much of wealth and how did they do it. There is no doubt in my mind that they have worked for it to achieve their goals and wish them all the best for theirs effort and dedicated work over the many years.

What made me to change my way of looking at the world was little boy whom I met in a bursting city in India where I was in vacation.

I was at a train station for my next journey to other part of India; I was at the station long early and wondering round the bursting station. Endless movement of travellers and the station was crowded so I went outside the platform for fresh air. The sun is shining, the atmosphere is very hot and there is full of vehicles.

The other side of the narrow road there are hundreds of small cafes and full of customers. I wanted to have a cup of tea but getting across the road was a challenge.
Somehow, I managed to get to one of the café.

April 27, 2015.

The GBP/USD pair breaking out towards the 1.52 handle,still has a significant amount of bearishness to it. This market has caught us off guard a little bit,it takes quite a bit to change the trend of a currency pair and go against the strength of the US dollar. It would simply be labeled as a “relief rally.” On the other hand, the long-term traders certainly are going to have to make fairly significant decisions here soon. Ultimately,it looks like it’s going to give us something soon.

The EUR/USD pair breaking above the 1.08 level. However, we see a significant amount resistance all the way to the 1.10 handle, so not too enthused about going long at this point. A resistant candle towards that area will be an excellent selling opportunity as it should just simply continue the consolidation.Ultimately, the Euro will continue to have issues overall.

The AUD/USD pair formed a nice-looking hammer. However,bit of resistance all the way up to the 0.80 handle, so even though it is essentially a buy signal, wait and see at this point in time. We would need to break well above the 0.80 level in order to start buying. On the other hand, a resistive candle in this area as it should go with the longer-term downtrend.

The USD/JPY pair found just a bit too resistive and ended up forming a shooting star which of course is a fairly bearish sign, but the pullback that is coming is more than likely going to be a buying opportunity sooner or later the 115 level below should be massively supportive.

The S&P 500 broken to the upside is more than likely a sign that we are going to go much higher. As most European and US stock markets look like the ready to break out to the upside given enough time. Pullbacks should offer buying opportunities.

The Dow Jones 30 continue to consolidate. The 18,300 level above continues offer resistance, as the 17,600 level is massively supportive also. Ultimately, the market is bullish and may need to build up a little bit of momentum in order to take the next leg higher.

The US Dollar Index fall and test the 97 level for support and form a hammer.The 100 level above is going to be rather resistive though, so this is more or less a short-term buying opportunity in an otherwise strong market.




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"Debt is king where cash used to be king, and cash will become a liability now and Debt will be the only thing people will own."
Your Trading success depends upon your thinking. You are not in control of the market, but you are in control of your response to the market. That is very often lost in the heat of battle, when real capital is on the line pending your decision(s). Please Remember DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. You are responsible for your own actions. 
"Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose."

Risk Warning: Make your own decisions based on your markets analysis, judgements and ability to trade before parting with own hard earned monies. All opinion only.
  Please Remember DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  You are responsible for your own actions.

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