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The World and I
Well it had my attention! Remember the saying, “Where there is a will,
there is a way”. There is so much to do but so little time and no resources.
I came across this little child who lost his parents and begging for living
and wants to do better when he grows up. This little child reminded me
when we leave this world, we live everything behind. We work so hard to
achieve success but in the end, we do not achieve the ultimate happiness
called “peace of mind”.
That peace of mind only happens when we help others unfortunate one to
progress and enjoy the happiness that we all deserve.
In this world, only a tiny minority who have a vast amount of wealth and
we all know the world runs on money. I respect theirs efforts and hard work
to achieve whatever they set a goal to achieve. I do have a goal in my life
too but unable to continue because lack of resources, that is why I beg and
study whenever possible.
My knowledge of these worldly activities comes from listening and
watching all activities in our daily lives. I believe in reality the respect to
others and recognising and helping the unfortunate ones is the highest
possible happiness one can hope. I believe happiness is progress.
When I have a conversation with people, they think I am highly educated
but I am not. I am hungry for learning but have no resources; on the other
hand, I have learnt the basic value of life is to help and care when ever I
can. In the end when We die We leave everything behind, while we are
living do what we possibly can for better for others.
Are you one of them who understand my plea for help? If you can please
donate only $1. This will help and in your heart, you will feel the difference
of knowing I did help someone.
I have a great regard and respect to you all.
Thank you
Feb 2, 2015.  
The EUR/USD pair is ready to continue going lower and down to the 1.10
level given enough time.
The GBP/USD pair bounced enough to form a hammer, and consolidating
between the 1.50 level on the bottom, and the 1.53 level on the top.
Certainly in a downtrend.
The AUD/USD pair  form a hammer and could get a little bit of a bounce in
order to continue selling  to the 0.75 level given enough time.
The gold should continue to grind its way higher given enough time.
The Dow Jones found enough support near the 17,250 and form a bit of a
hammer.  It could break out to the upside and heading to the 17,800 level.
Bullish of this market currently.
The USD/JPY pair remains within the consolidation of area and need to
pull back a little.
The light sweet crude continue to meander around the $45 level. It could
bounce a little bit from here and perhaps head to the $50 level.  The US
dollar continues to strengthen, and commodity markets should continue
to fall going forward.
The USD/CAD pair ended up forming a shooting star, which is a very
negative sign and falling from here, and believe that the 1.25 level should
be  supportive.
The US Dollar Index continue to grind around the 95 handle. and perhaps
take a break after the parabolic move  and the 92 level below is supportive.
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World Peace 
We - as a union- push the white flag in place,
And cry out “we are sorry for killing your race.”
And now we are all a huge family under the sky,
With God watching us with caring eyes.
We talk and pray because we are friends,
And forget the dreaded past because the enmity has now end.
We discuss-as a group- about important things,
But never let the spark of harm, in the mind, sting.
We hope world peace will reunite,
All other countries that battle and fight.
By: Nandini Mitra. (Copyright)   2010


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Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Hosting, Laywer, Donation, How to, Networking, softwares,Jobs, Money making, How to make money, Mobile phones, cheap air tickets, holidays
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Please Remember DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  You are responsible for your own actions.
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