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"Creating Harmonious Advantageous Noticeable Geunuine Environment". * Change *
"Our success of tomorrow is determine by what we do today! Unlimited Opportunities in our own hands."
Why am I here and what have I done today?. I trade currency markets and making just enough money to enjoy. Please Do your own research before trading.

The way I see some Forex pairs and it is only my views based on the US dollar is the favoured currency by traders around the world. ! No Advice Intended. Please Do your own research before trading.

The GBP/USD pair fell to a fresh new low. The market should then head to the 1.55 handle, and then possibly the 1.50 level. As the US dollar is the favoured currency by traders around the world.

The EUR/USD pair fell hard close to just below the 1.23 handle. The market should continue to go lower and head to the 1.2050 level given enough time as the Euro continues to struggle.

The AUD/USD pair fell, and looks like it’s heading down to the 0.80 level given enough time, the Australian dollar will continue to suffer at the hands of the US dollar as it is the favoured currency around the world.

The USD/JPY pair broke above the 120 level, it appears to delve into the next leg higher, and is going to the 125 level given enough time.

No Advice Intended

Does the title of this article sound right "No advice intended"? Overall, I leave that to your judgment.

You want to be successful, want to be happy and enough wealth to fulfill your dreams. Well the answer is “Yes, You can do it”.

The reason I composed this article on the grounds that my idiotic cerebrum does not comprehend, what has changed monetarily to dominant part of individuals worldwide to make the world's monetary markets to move so high. Have the greater part of world populace's day by day exists really moved forward? I do not think so. Isn't that right?

What do active investors do?

I had an occupation for long time and as of late made repetitive. I was searching for a vocation yet no satisfaction. After numerous months of no employment, I chose to exchange monetary markets as I read and listen the securities exchanges are best for making monies.

The excitement and anger of Bulls & Bears of Wall Street Dow Jones Industrial Average:

I started my exchanging with an ostensible measure of $300 and I was deciding to lose that sum. Fortunately, I have not and made around 250% in this way.

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Typically I exchange Forex, "Euro/$, Yen/$ and AUD/$ and periodically Dow Jones and German Dax.

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My exchange sum is little and hope to make a little addition to develop my exchanging pot along these lines far fruitful.

As I said I was deciding to lose my starting sum, subsequently I do not put any stop/misfortune on my exchange. Presently as my exchanging pot become minimal greater, I started putting stop/misfortune to safe protect my exchanging record.

Goodness yes, I just about neglected to tell that I am a crocodile merchant, I hold up quietly with control until the exchanges come to me and I am out of the exchanges when I have made little or enormous increases. My exchanging technique is straightforward and exceptionally content with little increase.

Presently I exchange for living and searching for an occupation if suitable. No guidance proposed…

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"Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose."
Creating Harmonious Advantageous Noticeable Geunuine Environment".


Thank You!

I think what is required is for individuals to engage themselves, by looking to your dreams and utilizing your imagination to make the world you might want to live in one, man at once.

Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before parting with your hard earned monies. You are responsible for your own ACT.


Opinions given on this website are just that, 'opinions' and should not be taken as investment advice. Always do your own research before making investment decisions. Please read and understand the Risk Warning sections of the Websites / Dealers / Brokers / and / or with any others, you are trading with to make sure you are familiar with the relevant risks before trading.

Risk Warning: FX trading..Please read the Risk Warning sections of the websites you are trading with to make sure you are familiar with the relevant risks.

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