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The USD/JPY is overbought at the moment, the recent 14% gain is a bit much, even for this pair which tends to be a quick mover.I would love to see this market pullback all the way to the 110 handle but may not get my wish.

The EUR/USD pair found enough support just above the 1.05 level to turn things around and form a bullish candle. The bullish candle signifies that the support is starting to hold, and with this I think that we are going to stay in the consolidation for a while at least.

The Dow Jones 30 found enough support to turn around and form a hammer.I believe that the markets will continue to go higher and have a massive amount of support just below. If you have a longer-term outlook, the market will more than likely continue to go much higher and now it’s all but assured that we should find the 20,000 handle.

The German index continued to find buyers at the €10,600 level. Because of this, the DAX will eventually break out but have a major resistance barrier at the €10,800 level. If we can break above there, the market should continue to go much higher, perhaps the €11,000 level next. The resiliency that the DAX had shown after the surprise election and subsequent selloff shows that the buyers are still very interested in this market.

Based upon “value” in the US dollar. It is the strongest currency in the world right now, and should remain so and of course the European Union has a lot of issues facing it at the moment.

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union of course hurts the European Union overall.

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At the graduation level, those who design and regulate the system have lost their
sense of direction completely. Year after year, hundreds of Degree colleges churn out thousands of
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