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Don't cry over the past, it's gone.
Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived.
Live in the present and make it count.

Money, credit cards, loans, debts,Cars, Jewellery, wealth, Gold, Diamonds,Platinum, Watches, Big Houses and foods.

Just assume you have all of those. Just think for a moment, How much food can you eat in a day?

It is a very simple question, just begin to think of those who can't even have a small meal in a day.

Can you help?  If so Please Donate as little as you can.  Thank you.
Alum is twelve years of age taught profound thought propelled young man. He is the main kid and has numerous companions.
His most prominent resources are Respect and move all occupations. He has the magnet to pull in individuals' consideration.
His beguiling outward appearance conveys the message of adoration care and share demeanours. At his age, he accepts there are immeasurable contrasts between this present reality and digital world.
This present reality what we involvement, all things considered, by feeling, touching, imparting eye to eye and knowing each other better and benefiting something for others. That makes him glad and fulfils his accomplishments.
He has numerous companions on Social Medias. That is his Cyber world where he goes through here and there speaking with his companions.
Alum is not content with digital world since he accepts digital world is for adapting. Making a brand to help them and adapt.
He has no evil feeling towards any individual who adapt on digital world yet he sees an essential issue. The book will be published and available on amazon soon.
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I believe I have the power to make change for better, I can and I will
Really, I ask.
It is not until I realized that my health is my wealth. We heard many of times that health is wealth but have we ever taken into consideration. I have not for many years until the reality catches up with you.
In reality of life, some of the things we do are necessary and there are many we do not have any need but we added into our life, which in later years become the cause of destruction of our life.
Some of the habit we pick up as like fashion and that fashion never stops until we make that change to stop but many of time, we tried but failed. What is it and why?
Cigarettes smoking that destroy us and there is no cure for it. We know all the consequences of smoking but we continue to carry on because we enjoy it.
Ask yourself, do you really enjoy smoking.
In your heart, your answer is, “wish I can give up and stop.”
It is very easy to carry out as the title of this instruction eBook suggests.
It costs me a lot of money over the years with no joy whatsoever. My habit changed my happy family life to a miserable one because the money I was spending on smoking ruined my family.
Nevertheless, one thing was sure that I wanted to stop smoking. One day I found the help I needed to stop.
How did I give up and changed for better. Now I enjoy my good health.
One evening I was in touch with my distant relative and discussing some family matters. There was a person who asked me if I smoke cigarettes or not. I said yes I do. He said to me please stop smoking.
I said I do not know how to, I have stopped for few hours but failed to stop totally.
He said that is the start, at least you tried and failed.
I asked what he means by that.
He replied, very simple. You want to stop but your mind does not.
I did not understand what he meant by that.
I asked him he could explain.
Simply he said your heart want you to stop smoking but your mind not.
Therefore, you have to master your mind to achieve the success you want.
I asked him what do I have to do and how.
He said it would cost you.
How much?
Straightaway I started calculating, it cost me two packets of cigarettes and I smoke in three day. I wasted so much money; another $25 may be wasted or game changer for better.
I took the initiative to make that change by paying him for advice. It was $25 and in return, it gave me good health, happy family and good savings.

You can too…………
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